Why Choose Us?

For more than two decades, we are still here. We know a great deal on how an assisted living facility works. We can say with dignity and pride to our future clients that we provide quality assistance to our guests and residents.

We dedicate our time and energy to serving our residents. Our residents are already a part of us. They are our family. From our humble beginnings, we know that each resident is different from another and that every resident should be treated accordingly. We provide assistance to our residents based on their individual needs. This way we can be certain that each resident is administered the appropriate health care assistance.

We only employ service providers that qualify not only in terms of experience but also with dedication and commitment. Our staff of service providers are well-trained. They acquire constant upgrade with their skills through seminars and reviews. If you want to know more about our services and who we are, please send us a message to request for an appointment

List of Safeguards in place to keep residents safe at Anchor House

  • All Anchor House Staff are trained regularly in the following:
    • CPR and 1st Aide
    • Blood Borne Pathogens
    • Universal Precautions
    • Fire Drills and practiced by both staff and residents
  • Fire Sprinkler System though out the house.
  • Fire extinguishers on each floor w/visible signs
  • House monitored by Guardian Security
  • Posted Evacuation routes on each floor and each end of hallways
  • Emergency Phone Contacts posted in staff room and on resident board
  • Resident rights and complaint process for residents posted on board
  • All resident meetings weekly by administration to hear complaints and problems
We are one of the leading assisted living facilities in the state of Alaska since 1986. We are driven with excellence and licensed to provide quality health care assistance to our residents. read more...