About Us

Anchor House Services

Founded in 1986, Anchor House is an assisted living home for adults who experienced mental illness. The current facility has 31 apartments and a capacity for 63 residents. With a staff of 31 care givers, our primary goal is to provide round-the-clock quality assisted living services for support and symptom management.

Anchor House works cooperatively with case managers and clinicians from Anchorage Community Mental Health Services' (ACMHS) Residential and IDP Teams, the Jail Alternative Services JAS program, Department of Corrections, South-central Foundation, Office of Public Advocacy, and other private and public entities providing services to adults with mental illness.

Some Anchor House residents attend Day Rehab, MICA, and other treatment groups as part of their mental health treatment while other residents can voluntarily participate in recreational outings.

Anchor House staff provides supervised instruction and training in self-care skills and activities of daily living including personal hygiene, housekeeping, laundering, budgeting, shopping, and social and recreational activities. Our staff maintains a daily routine which includes scheduled times for waking and going to bed, meals, medication monitoring, room cleaning, laundering clothes, etc. We also monitor and guide residents as they perform these daily living tasks. But for the more severely disabled residents our staff members will do these tasks for our residents.

Anchor House provides medication monitoring by reminding residents to take medications and assistance as needed. Medication compliance is strictly followed. Therefore Anchor House has an extremely high success rate when it comes to symptoms management. Because of this, residents rarely return to a psychiatric hospital for a follow up care.

A psychiatrist and nurse practitioner from ACMHS conduct weekly medication and psychiatric evaluation to ensure successful medication and symptom management. Our staff members are trained on how to deal with medical emergencies and have current emergency procedures skills.

Anchor House employs a full-time Cook who plans and prepares three nutritious meals plus snacks each day. Each meal is prepared to fulfill the special dietary needs of residents with diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol or dentures. Special meals can also be prepared for residents upon request including pizza, barbeque, take out fried chicken, salmon, scallops, shrimp, etc.

Anchor House has a fleet of vans to provide our resident's transportation needs.

Anchor House is part of a larger Anchorage community that provides daily assistance and support to mentally ill adults and offers the least restrictive living environment possible. Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) are designed to promote development of personal hygiene skills, good nutrition, budgeting and shopping skills, use of public transportation, telephone communication, clothing care, and more.

Social activities are designed to reinforce interpersonal communication skills and development of social skills necessary for interaction. Activities include shopping, field trips to museums, lunch or dinner, picnics, movies, plays, concerts, theatre, dance performances, and more.

Physical Fitness activities are designed to promote and enhance clear thought, motivation, fitness, and good health. Physical fitness activities include: swimming, walking, bicycling, Frisbee throwing and basketball are some of the activities promoted. Cleanliness, safety and security of the residents are of our utmost importance and should be adhered to at all times.

Experience is not only the best teacher but it also serves as the strong foundation of the Anchor House family. read more...